the special kind of tired

by tinglyfeeling on August 4, 2009

Wow, do I feel craptastic. I’ve got the full-meal-deal of fatigue going on. Burning muscles, aching bones, heavy limbs, slurred speech, etc. Good times.

It hit me HARD at around 3pm today and hasn’t let up since. Normally, I’d just pass it off as the result of overdoing it–which is probably the case–but I just got back from a long vacation! I should be all rested and healthy, not worse off than I was before I left! But I suppose it makes sense because work has been pretty rough the last two days. It’s always hard coming back from a vacation, so I expected some degree of stress, but dang, people. This is uncool.

And to top it off, I go in for my annual MRI check-up tomorrow. Lower and cervical spine and brain. This will be my first set since I was diagnosed in March 2008, so wish me luck, I guess? I’ll get the results from my doctor on Thursday. I really wish I didn’t feel so shitty now. It feels like a bad omen.

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  • Carla

    I hear you. :( That happened to me when I had my relapse back in late January (weeks after I was diagnosed). I am starting to feel a little of that now which is perfect because we're in the process of moving! I will keep you in my thoughts when you have your MRI.

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