here we go again

by tinglyfeeling on June 29, 2011

Can we talk about the weather? It’s “summer” in Seattle, so it’s a daily topic of discussion and despair. Every year, we lament the quality, or lack thereof, of our springs and summers. Too cold, too rainy, OMG TOO HOT (on the two days out of the year where that actually applies).

For me, though, it’s the topsy-turvy of spring turning into summer that’s the worst. Windy, balmy, sunny!, rainy, cloudy, sunny/cloudy, humid, sprinkly, etc. Not only can I not keep up with the changes, I am physically fatigued by them.

I forget during the cooler months, where the weather is consistently shitty or moderately nice, how these weather patterns affect my MS symptoms.

This week, with its 70-85% humidity and temperatures that barely clear 60 degrees, has been a big reminder. I am exhausted. And for no good reason. That’s how it works, right? And there’ve been a few new/returning numb spots on my legs, too, which is always fun.

I know, as much as I can know anything about my MS symptoms, that it’s probably just the weather fucking with me. This will lift, like the clouds will someday lift to reveal that there really is a sun that shines up there. For now, though, it’s just depressing. I’m sitting on the couch, a lead balloon. I don’t want to make dinner or do any of the other things on my to-do list. I just want to sit and sink in to the upholstery. Or make a Manhattan.

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