drug vacation

by tinglyfeeling on May 29, 2010

magical coastHi. Hello. Been awhile. I’m still here, it’s just that the rest of my life–the non-MS part–has sort of taken over. But that’s good, right?

Part of the reason I’ve been able to focus on the normal side of things is that I’d been off the drugs for about a month due to an insurance SNAFU. My employer’s Aetna plan now covers Avonex, which means that I can’t get the same level of assistance I’d enjoyed for the past two years (FREE DRUGS) and have to deal with copays and deductibles like everyone else. Suck.

And of course, it took everyone involved, from Biogen/MS Active Support to Aetna’s Specialty Pharmacy to my doctor’s office, FOREVER to figure out what it was they were supposed to be doing. But even when they seemed to know what their next step was, they. wouldn’t. take it. Not without me calling them to check in. So I was doing a lot of policing and freaking out, all the while reminding them that I was either low on drugs, or out.

Now everything seems to be taken care of, fortunately. I did my first shot since April 30 last night. I was worried about amplified side effects because of the break, but they’ve been okay. I just feel sort of hungover, achey and a little hot ‘n’ hazy. You know, “flu-like symptoms.” I know it will pass.

During the last three weeks, I realized that the one thing that really ties me to this life of MS, other than my symptoms, which I can always feel, but no one can really see, is my weekly dose of Avonex. I know it’s just once a week, and that’s much easier than a daily dose of Copaxone or 3x-a-week Rebif, but coordinating my non-MS schedule with my Avonex schedule can still be tricky. Especially if there’s someone I don’t want to know about this part of my life yet.

obvious box is obviousAlso, could the packaging Aetna sends the 1-month supply of Avonex in be any less discreet? Seriously. Why not put a bright orange sticker next to the green one that says “DRUGS INSIDE.” Plus, you can’t recycle these containers in WA state. Boo-urns.

Anyway. That’s part of what’s been going on. Work’s been insane, as usual, but I also took a road trip to Northern California Redwoods country and man–the air there must be magic. I felt so good the whole time I was there, even though it was overcast and in the 50s. Then I came back to Seattle, where it’s still winter, and BAM. Symptoms got all cranky again. Although, now that I’ve been back a couple weeks, my body has adjusted to the gloom. So now I’m bracing myself for sun (assuming we can still get that in Seattle). Effing weather. It never ends.

So, sorry for the long lull. I hope all of you are doing well and having a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. xoxo

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