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by tinglyfeeling on October 12, 2009

clouds aren't welcome hereI’ve had blogger’s block for the last month. Not because there wasn’t anything to talk about–there’s too much. It was more like blogger’s bottleneck. I write blog posts in my head all the time, in the shower or while walking home from work, but I don’t get in front of a computer (at home, anyway) for long enough to get anything down. (Must start using the voice recorder app on my iPhone….)

Anyway, I’m still here. Life is good. No real complaints. I guess that’s why I haven’t updated. Blogging about my MS seems like I’m dwelling on the negative, even though I know that there’s a lot of positive things to talk about in regard to my life with this disease. Wait. That sounds funny. Let’s get something straight: Multiple Sclerosis sucks and I hate that I have it. But my life, in general, does not suck–there is so much more to my life than MS. That’s what I meant.

I came across this post about getting your inspiration to blog back today and it seems oddly timely for me. Because, while I haven’t exactly lost my inspiration to blog, I’ve sort of gotten hung up on a couple of items on the author’s list of excuses, notably number 6:

6. Every post doesn’t have to be profound. It’s nice when you are able to hit a cord with readers and start a conversation of comments and a ton of retweets, but it is better to update your blog often to stay in touch with people than to only write when you think an idea is profound. Nobody expects you to be perfect except yourself. Relax a little. Have fun. It doesn’t all have to be life changing stuff, really.

I’ve been kicking around several blog topics for the last month–ranging from issues that seem big to me, like disclosure and dating and health care and financial woes and support groups and OMG what’s next?, to, surprise, the weather (it’s been 55-65 degrees in Seattle, so I’ve been feeling pretty good, symptom-wise. huzzah.). All of these ideas are equally valid to me. But I’ve been having a hard time focusing on just one and getting started. I’ve wanted to feel like was contributing something introspective and insightful. Screw that, I guess.

So, from here on out, I’m going to try chill the crap out and just write something–anything–at least once a week. Just so you know I’m here and still part of this community. Because I like to hear from you guys and I’ve been really disconnected lately, wrapped up in my work and social life. It’s been fun. But now it’s time to focus–not to dwell, though. Winter welcomes enough wallowing as it is.

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  • http://zoechastain.info Zoe Chastain

    Yeah I agree! When posting you don't have to go beyond.. Put a comment or a post as relevant as it could..

  • http://zoechastain.info Zoe Chastain

    Yeah I agree! When posting you don’t have to go beyond.. Put a comment or a post as relevant as it could..

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