Music to MRI By

by tinglyfeeling on November 16, 2010

Okay, so it’s been a while (again… yarrr), but I wanted to announce that I’m new-lesion-free, hooray! I had my 2nd-annual MRI check-up last week, and my doctor says I’m stable, the drugs are working, and the lesion on my spine (the one that probably caused my original flare-up in late 2007) has faded. And I don’t have to get another MRI for TWO WHOLE YEARS. w00t.

This is my third complete round of MRIs (full spine and brain), but my fifth time in the tube. The first couple times, I think I listened to Andrew Bird and Man Man (LOVE) and probably Morrissey or something else mellow and comforting. This time, for the hour or so I was in that magnetic cocoon thingy, I listened to Brooklyn band Suckers. And it was perfect. The chug-chug-rat-tat-tat MRI noises made every song sound like a bad-ass remix. I wish I could have recorded it, but then, I wasn’t supposed to move and I had an IV in my arm that was bugging me (whatevs).

Anyway, I recommend Suckers’ debut album “Wild Smile” if you’re in the market for music to MRI by (or just because they’re really good).

Got any MRI music recommendations of your own? Tell me!

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