lots of things have been happening

by tinglyfeeling on May 14, 2012

Life, for one. I don’t often want to talk about my MS, let alone blog about it, anymore. There are too many non-MS things occupying my mind and my time. And there’s not much to say about it, really. It is (still) what it is.

I’ve been fine, for what it’s worth. My right leg still does that thing where the shin’s all numb all the time. And various other parts of me go numb off and on as they please–weather, stress or general health issues permitting. Throw in random fatigue and it’s been status quo on the chronic disease front.

Otherwise, shit’s been cray. I left my job of 5 years back in October to go work for a start-up. Some things I’ve experienced since then: CHAOS. STRESS. PANIC. REGRET.

But also gratitude and enlightenment.

What I’ve learned is that I can take major, life-changing risks, even as someone living with MS. I went through a lot of stress, people. And I survived. I changed health plans. And, although it was supremely irritating trying to get doctors, insurance companies and drug providers to all communicate the same information (they failed, again and again), I survived that too. I know now that I can survive another job change, if things come to that, and that having MS doesn’t mean I have to stay in one place forever. Provided I can still have a career. Ha/Eh/Pfft.

Also, Brag Alert: the Walk MS happened again and my team raised almost $12,000! That’s the most we’ve ever raised in four years. I’m pretty proud of that and hope the money helps a lot of people to live better.

Then I went on vacation and celebrated my birthday in a cabin in the woods. It was quiet and lovely.

Oh, and the boyfriend is still good. There’s more hiking and adventuring and good times on the horizon.

And I’m growing out my bangs. So… Excitement!

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  • K. Dietz

    I’m in Seattle with MS too…I got here when I googled MS Fatigue to try to explain to my husband that “my” tired might be slightly different than “his” tired.  :)   Anyway, cheers.  best of luck to you!

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