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by tinglyfeeling on August 16, 2011

My sister had her MRI check-up yesterday and they found two new active lesions, one on her cervical spine and another on the left side of her brain. She’s been experiencing spasticity and stiffness on her left side for the past week and exhibited evidence of an attack while she was trying to get up from the MRI slidey-table thing. Her left arm seized up and she couldn’t move it, and then her left leg went stiff, wooden, immobile.

She’s going to go in for a round of steroids to help quell the flare-up and hopefully shrink the new lesions, and then she’s considering switching from Copaxone (her sole drug of choice for 11 years) to Rebif. I don’t know if that’s really necessary, given this is the first flare-up she’s had in a couple of years, but her doctor seems to think it’s worth trying. I guess I can’t really argue with that.

Anyway, I think she will be fine. Fine is a word that keeps evolving to mean different degrees of okay, depending on the day, but we are both “lucky”–inasmuch as anyone with MS can be considered lucky–that our symptoms have been relatively mild thus far. But since she’s got an 8-year (by our Dx dates, anyway) head start on me, it makes me wonder if I’ll be where she is in 7 years. Or maybe I’ll be there next year. No one knows, of course.

The future is murky. So I’m doing my best to live in the now.

The above photo is of Mt. Buckhorn (the middle lump), a 7,000-ft peak in the northern Olympic mountain range. I summited that thing two weekends ago during a weekend backpacking trip where I logged about 24 miles of hiking.

So I guess I’m doing fine.

How are y’all doing?

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  • West Side Jewel

    Hi ya, I am a 36 yr Seattle girl just diagnosed this month and am freaking out. Your blog is super helpful. Thank you Thank you.

  • http://www.tinglyfeeling.com tinglyfeeling

    Hey there. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It is A LOT to process. I think I’m still in denial, 3+ years later.

    I hope your symptoms are manageable and that you’re able to keep up with life the way you want to live it. Feel free to pop in here now and then and leave a comment to let me know how you’re doing. xo

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