“Try on MS” at Pacific Place

by tinglyfeeling on April 22, 2010

The video from the NMSS Greater Northwest Chapter’s “Try on MS” event at Pacific Place during MS Awareness Week last month is up. Check it out:

I brought a few co-workers to the event and they were all really good sports, trying on the rubber gloves, foggy glasses, diving flippers, etc., to simulate MS symptoms. One of my co-workers makes a couple of cameos in the video–and I’m relieved to report that while my face appears in it (hi!), I’m not quoted at all. I signed the video release form, but later had second thoughts about potentially outing myself to a much broader audience. So. Bullet = dodged.

Regardless of my own inhibitions, events and videos like this are really important for helping people to understand what living with MS every day is like for so many people. For me, my daily grab-bag of symptoms includes the tingly, pins-and-needles feeling in my legs and upper back, tightening, or spasticity, in my torso and numbness on the bottom of my feet that makes it feel like I’m walking around on couch cushions. Oh, and the occasional foot drop/floppiness. And the hot-oil-in-my-veins sensation has been making guest appearances lately, but that one’s not represented in the video. Just a hunch, but passersby at the mall probably wouldn’t enjoy having hot, viscous liquids poured on them.

Oh, and hello again. I’ve been MIA from the blog for a while. I’ll post a more comprehensive update soon, but nutshell-wise, there was my 2nd MS-iversary on March 26, the Seattle Walk MS on April 11 (where my team raised $8,500+!), taxes (boo-urns), my birthday a week later and now work, work, work. But it’s spring again. Mostly. Seattle spring weather is wack-a-doo, but the sun is trying really hard to stick around. I even got to ride my bike into work today for the first time since fall. I’m super excited to get back into that (and into shape) again–although the impending all-uphill ride home this evening is scaring me a little. My bitchy right leg is telling me I should walk home instead of ride, but it can STFU.

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